Tokio Marine HCC Provider Look-Up Portal

Please present your Tokio Marine HCC card to medical providers at the time of treatment. This card details the information necessary to direct bill Tokio Marine HCC and/or to ensure that you are reimbursed for appropriate expenses in the most efficient manner.

This website allows you to search for a provider or facility and generate a map of their location. Please be advised that this directory will refer you to facilities under our Preferred Provider Network Organizations (PPO). From here, you can search for a provider by city/state, provider name, or zip code. You can narrow your search by specifying a specialty.

We are prepared to refer you to physicians and hospitals that will provide you with quality care and will generally bill our office rather than demand a deposit or payment from you. In the event you do receive bills from the hospital or doctor’s office, please forward them to our office, together with a copy of your insurance card.

What is a PPO?

A PPO is a group of hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers who agree to provide health care services at pre- negotiated rates to plan participants. Healthcare providers join an individual PPO in order to have patients directed to their offices/facilities.

Why are PPOs Important?

Healthcare providers are required to accept patients who are part of a PPO they participate with (so long as their practice is accepting new patients); you should not have any problems with the healthcare provider billing HCC directly.

What Happens when I Call the Doctor’s Office/Hospital?

The provider’s staff representative will ask who your insurance plan is and you should respond with HCC. You should also tell them that the PPO network used by HCC is First Health®. First Health Group Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aetna Inc. If the provider’s staff representative is unfamiliar with HCC, you should refer them to HCC’s website http://www.hccmis.com. If they’re unfamiliar with First Health, refer them to First Health’s website, www.firsthealth.com. Or, you can have them contact First Health at 1-800-937-6824.

What Happens at the Doctor’s Office/Hospital?

When you register/sign-in a member of the provider’s staff representative will ask you for your insurance card.
If the representative questions the insurance it may be necessary to point out again the name of the provider network, First Health.
The provider’s representative may call HCC to confirm your coverage and/or obtain coverage details. 800-605-2282
They may ask you to pay your share of the services, deductible and/or coinsurance, if applicable.

Difficulty Finding a First Health Provider?

Call First Health at 1-800-226-5116 to get help in locating a provider that will accept your insurance and get you in for an appointment.

What if I Find Inaccurate Information on the Provider Search Site?

You can report inaccurate provider directory information to First Health from their website. Click on the envelope image next to the provider record with inaccurate information, then add notes about the provider and hit “send report”.

You can report inaccurate provider directory information directly from this site. Click on the yellow triangle (report provider error) image next to the provider record with inaccurate information, then add notes about the provider and hit “send report”.

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